Monday, November 19, 2012

Home again after triple bypass surgery

Modern medicine truly is a marvel - of course - a willing body.....allows the magic to happen. 

Ron spent very little time in the ICU - overnight basically.  The bypass surgery/ICU was Thursday, Friday he was moved to a 'step-down' room, Saturday all of his IVs were removed, and he came home Sunday.  Today he's at home piddling around - made his own breakfast - pain meds = tylenol.  It's amazing.

After his liver transplant in 2011 - the bypass surgery - has been a piece of cake.  I think he's bummed about not being able to drive for 1 month.  Thank goodness we have help - our daughter, Libby, is home on maternity leave until January - so she'll take him to the hospital for appointments and blood work.

During this ordeal - his liver has been perfect - no complications!

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving - all our children and their spouses - and our 6 grandchildren will be here to celebrate.  Much to be thankful for!

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