Friday, January 4, 2013

The Year in Review 2012

Happy New Year!

Last year was no picnic - probably more difficult than 2011 when Ron received his liver; or perhaps it's like childbirth and I have a huge case of amnesia. 
Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for yet another miracle (Ron's open heart surgery in November).  We were plagued with lots of personal issues including Ron being laid off (in February) after being with the company for 28 years....and all the financial issues that come with unemployment.
Ron had issues throughout the summer and fall months - becoming light headed and sometimes passing out; he has a banged up nose to prove it.  The cause, come to find out, was an extreme prescribed dose of lopressor (7 times what he needed - TWICE a day); his blood pressure dropped everytime he stood up - and so, his lights went out!
In July we took a family vacation - which turned into 7 days of what we call, "The Gulf Shores Plaque" - a tummy bug - at least two people had it every day.  Oh, and Ron passed out while driving from low blood sugar and thank goodness for a couple of local fisherman who had a 'sugar-stash' in their truck.  We did enjoy time with the family at the beach!
September our Beau (Boxer) was diagnosed with lymphoma.
Ron was hit with depression - what can I say about that - it is what it is.
I'm having kidney issues - we are a walking medical dictionary!
I'm looking for a brighter and peaceful 2013!

Here's 2012 in review

January - Oliver's 3rd Birthday
February - Happy Birthday New Liver - 1st Birthday February 3, 2012
March - a family photo shoot at the farm
April - the unveiling - Libby and Anthony surprise us all - it's a girl
May - hanging out with Beau and Savannah
July - deep sea fishing off Gulf Shores - Ron caught the largest fish on the boat 16.5 lb Red Snapper and with the help of our son, Tony, Ron was able to land the fish
August - relaxing under the trees
September - a family picnic at Piedmont Park - Savannah inspects Papa's dog tags
October - hanging out with Oliver
November - chest pains and three blockages - Ron gives the traditional 'thumbs up' before heading into surgery
After surgery - he has his favorite heart pillow to hug during coughing spells (ouch)
December - resting and hanging out with our newest grandchild, Penelope


  1. I found these posts by accident and read them all. I'm happy that you've made it through. So much of what I read was like reading my own experience. I had a LT 9 months ago. It's been hard and I haven't had much of a "Normal" life yet. Just bits and pieces here and there. The liver is doing well. But as you well know, it's the "other stuff" that is caused by medications and infections caused by having a suppressed immune system that make it hard. I ended up with a different fungus - histoplasmosis in my left lung. I have a long list of things that could go wrong and did. The many rounds of antibiotics destroyed my digestive system and that has been making me miserable. But I tell myself to keep positive - that someday it will all pull together and I will be able to do the things I enjoyed. I have this dream of being able to get on my bicycle and pedal around the neighborhood. I see that bike every time I go into the garage to get into the car for yet another dr appt. I wouldn't want to go back to this time a year ago. I have so much appreciation for my husband who nursed me nonstop and took care of everything that needed to be done without a single complaint. I wouldn't have made it without him. He never left the hospital through several times of being readmitted for a week or two. Having someone in your life who cares makes all the difference in the world. So, good luck to you and yours and may you have many more years together. Sonni

    1. Hi Sonni

      I just found your comment - I hope you are still doing well. It does seem that life never goes back to the way it was - us, too.....but I've begun to look it that quite differently lately; I know that my husband would not be with me if he never had the transplant - everytime something happens with his health a part of me goes back to that scary time in our lives. I'm just so happy we can find the resemblance of how life was and we try to enjoy all that we do have. Your husband sounds so devoted to you; you are a very fortunate wife. I wish for you - the best - continued positive thoughts. I envision you on your bike again. "-)